How to make Gluten Free Bread?

snowcheetah, Sep 24, 11:02pm
Hi. Just wondering how to make gluten free bread? Can you make it in a bread maker as I have been told to make in oven? Thanks.

kiwibubbles, Sep 25, 12:52am
i think you just subtitute for gluten free flour. You could just make the dough in the breadmaker using dough cycle, then take it out to rise then cook in oven.

buzzy110, Sep 25, 1:03am
I hate to disagree but I don't think it is that simple. Gluten is the component in bread which creates strong gluten bonds during the kneading process and helps the dough to hold its shape. My friend has tried with no luck but others have succeeded.

You probably need a good recipe. You could try the definitive thread on here - Bread Thread - For Hand and Machine Recipes (or something similar), or buy a book. Alison Holst and her son have just brought one out and from memory I think that has gluten free recipes.

There is also google.

buzzy110, Apr 15, 1:09pm
On the other hand, you could always learn how to make sour dough bread. This is bread made with all the normal ingredients, but the wild yeasts break down and pre-digest the gluten, rendering it safe for those who can't have gluten. However, this theory would probably depend upon the individual and their breadmaking skill.

Several gluten intolerant posters learnt how to make sourdough bread with me when I started the sourdough thread and can eat their own homemade sourdough bread. I also met a coeliac person and taught her how to make sour dough and now she too can eat bread but it would all depend upon the individual.

Read this site. It is the research done into the benefits of sour dough: If you want to start making sourdough, this is the site I used. It is very basic and very informative. The four pages in that site became my bible for months. Learn to walk before you can run. It is very satisfying to make this type of bread and takes up very little of your actual time once mastered. Also, the bread stays fresh for up to 5 days on the bench if you get the dough hydration right.