Food prices in Nz

ruby19, Feb 23, 7:00pm
I have just received my good food mag, from Uk which has a feature on the best "budget brands/ home brands" and it is amazing how much more we pay here. One of the butters they tested was 99p for 250g from Waitrose,basics pl flour 47p 1.5kg sainsbury`s, plain yogurt 44p 500g Asda. Even Marks & sparks 515g ketchup was only 85p, and their Baked Beans 49p! Tesco`s smoked salmon slices 200g2.78. ! How do we pay so much more?

dezzie, Feb 23, 9:19pm
if you use a price converter..I just did the baked beans because I know how much they are here...49p = $1.06, I got homebrand beans not that long ago for 77 cents. butter @ 99 = 2.15 here, so I guess thats 4.30 for 500 grms and I saw homebrand butter for 3.99 at countdown the day before y'day.
have fun!!

vintagekitty, Feb 23, 11:40pm
I know, its wrong, wrong, wrong. Im pleased to see Campbell live starting to look at price fixing of milk, fingers crossed it has a flow on effect.

kay141, 3 days, 10 hours
Those prices aren't that cheap when you use the going exchange rate.