Can't afford to be a coffee snob anymore!

skyblue26, Mar 7, 3:04am
What do you use instead of coffee for drinks?

bellus_sybarite, Mar 7, 3:07am
Green Tea

vinee, Mar 7, 4:27am
I went and got some of the flash cups and lids and make my own at home.
I use good coffee and a stove top espresso maker.
Save heaps!

Other wise it's green tea bags at work and loose leaf bell at home.

kr1sten, Mar 7, 6:58am
I just realised if I buy 4x Trim Mochas a week - thats almost a grand a year blown on coffee... . argh!

bedazzledjewels, Mar 7, 7:03am
I work with a woman who only works enough hours to cover the cost of her daily coffee habit - she aims to earn $8, 000 a year!
I was gob-smacked! Lol!

duckmoon, Mar 7, 8:03am
I have used some of the information on the simple savings website. They say don't think "this is only $4", multiply out what you spend in a year on that item...
Each $4 on coffee 5 days per week, is $20 - equals $1000 at the end of the year. I can live without coffee for the price of a holiday.

winnie231, Mar 7, 8:12am
I indulge myself with 2 lattes per day, on the 2 days a week I work ... the good thing about them is they're free because I'm the barista!

The rest of the time I grind beans at home for my plunger or make a pot of tea instead.

greg.n.michelle, Mar 7, 5:58pm
hubby brought a coffee machine more than pays for its self

daydreamswindow, Mar 7, 6:06pm
LOL - what happens if she gets house-bound through illness? ? Serious withdrawal?

510, Mar 7, 6:23pm
We drink choysatea made with leaves the old fashioned way. It is our treat as we don't smoke or drink etc . Ihave reduced the number of cups that I have. I love water with a bit of lemon in it, as we have a lemon tree that still has some lemons on it. It is a very cheap drink for me. You can also make a hot drink with lemom honey & ginger which is refreshing.

tats63, Mar 8, 1:21am
I don't smoke, gambleor drink alcohol but I love to go out for coffee and do so every single day (sometimes a takeaway). Maybe cut back in another area if you still want to have a coffee!

fey, Mar 8, 2:13am
I gave up alcohol years back and prefer coffee. Heaven help the person who stands between me and my coffee!

camrob, Mar 8, 2:18am
I loooovve my coffee, so much that I bought a De Longi Prima Donna. Good coffee, a cup every day, set on extra strong double shot. I reckon that in the 2 years I have had it the machine has paid for itself., Mar 8, 2:26am
I'd rather have my coffee than a flash in the pan 1k holiday haha... mind you not that I live in a town that can even make good coffee now so I make my own by machine at home. . and some horrid person has gone and hidden starbucks in palmy from me. . ( it moved and I cant find it! ) thats my treat when I hit the city every 2 months.

nzhel, Mar 8, 3:36am
It mightn't be 'proper' but we don't care - we love the Nestle Cafe Menu Cappuccino mixes - I always buy the skim version and its our cheap little indulgence! I do love my cappuccinos when I go out from time to time too.
Otherwise just ordinary coffee or a cup of tea. I use tea leaves - not teabags as I think the leaves have a better flavour. I mix Choysa and Dilmah together and get a really nice 'brew'! !

darlingmole, Mar 8, 3:49am
We can't go past our Dilmah tea.
Failing that it's fresh lemon juice and boiling water.
Failing that? Sav blanc! (haha! )

brokenbutterfly, Oct 13, 10:50am
make your own teas. you can use anythin to your own taste, dried ginger, citrus peel, fried flowers, mint etc. the local library is great for ideas.

Or you could change professions and get a job in a coffee house lol

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