coffee culture pumpkin and kumara balls

sjw8, Apr 19, 8:37am
anyone have any idea of how to make these? They are devine and my kids love them... just not sure how they are made or what (aside from the obvious) they have in them.
Any ideas gratefully appreciated.
Thanks for helping

ferita, Apr 19, 8:40am
I found this on google? It may or may not be what you are talking about

Kumara and pumpkin balls

500 gr each pumpkin & kumara
1 tsp each ground cumin & ground coriander
tsp ground nutmeg
Salt & pepper to taste
Roughly chopped nuts of your choice: try almond or cashew.

Peel the kumera & cut into pieces. Cut pumpkin into pieces. (Peel now if you like, or peel after cooked). Place both in a lidded casserole dish and microwave without any liquid until just cooked.

Tip into a blender and blend with the spices. The mixture should be quite stiff. Form into balls, either with your hands, or between two spoons or with an ice cream scoop.

Roll in the nuts, place on a baking tray & spray with cooking oil. Bake at 170C until nuts are golden and mixture is heated through

sjw8, Apr 19, 8:54am
thanks, I found that one on google too... not sure if it is the same but I will give it a go! They are SOOOO yummy :D

crystalmoon, Apr 19, 9:18am
wow they sound really yummy. Wil have to copy and paste to try these. Thanks

guest, Mar 23, 3:44am
Does anyone happen to know the Mainstreet Cafe receipe for Kumara and Pumpkin balls that came with a peanut sauce?? So sad they are not operating now - please come back!

guest, May 28, 8:59am
Hi. Just googled these myself and discovered that Deli de Luxe @ 6 Papanui Rd has teh original Mainstreet Cafe Kumara and Pumpkin balls with Peanut sauce. The owner of both restaurants is the same person. So if you fancy a taste of the original to refresh your taste buds, pop down to Deli de Luxe... assuming they are still operating post quake!

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