meyvonne, Jul 20, 10:24am
Been up North and bought back heaps of Kumara's, anyone have some good recipes for them, especially casseroles... .

unknowndisorder, Jul 20, 10:40am
If you do a search (left hand side), change "date posted" to anytime, you'll find a heap of recipes for kumaras - especially salads. There was a link in one post, that got me sidetracked: http://www.kumara.co.nz/recipes with a few interesting sounding ones (and that was a real quick glance).
Just put in "kumara" without the quotation marks.
I, personally, only really add them to spuds to torment the other half as he hates mashed spuds, hates kumara (and pumpkin and other yummy veges), so what better way of making him eat it all - mash it on up haha

gaspodetwd, Jul 21, 5:46am
On eof our favourites is bubble and squeak - with mashed kumara (plenty of salt and pepper and butter) and cooked cabbage - about 1/2 and 1/2. It is easier to use leftovers! Make into a pattie and cover with flour or batter or breadcrums and shallow fry - amazing with meat or leftovers or fried egg.

cottagerose, Jul 21, 9:37am
When I get kumera cheap I blanch for a few minutes and freeze and use them when I have a roast.

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