Jo Seagars Pumpkin & Kumara Soup Recipe

courtney2004, Jun 13, 1:04am
I have spotted a Pumpkin and Kumara Soup Recipe from Jo however what can I do as I need to replace Cream with something else (as we don't have any cream! ) also is it okay to freeze?

seniorbones, Jun 13, 1:07am
I would think you could freeze any soup but do you have a can of carnation milk/cream, I like to keep a couple of cans just for this reason, or fully cream milk would be ok too but not as creamy.

seniorbones, Jun 13, 1:09am
Just read the recipe and it soups yummy, think I will make it this afternoon too. I wouldnt freeze with the cream add it once its thawed out and heat slowly, is this from her new book?

courtney2004, Jun 13, 1:09am
We I think have a can of Carnation - must stock up on that! Otherwise we do have the blue top milk! failing that I could lasso our house cow - (who thinks now she is a cleaver girl with the beef girls. on the hill but don't feel like that really! many thanks.

courtney2004, Jun 13, 1:10am
I think it must be from her new cookbook I just googled the soup type and hers was there! ! I really like some of her recipes! only have 2 of her books.

courtney2004, Jun 13, 1:11am
I could cook it all etc and leave out the milk/cream part and when I get it out of the freezer I just add that could I not?

indy95, Jun 13, 1:20am
Yes, courtney2004 you could certainly do that.

geldof, Jun 13, 4:23am
soup has curry in it, so could use coconut milk/cream

rolznsp, Jun 14, 5:40am
hmmm i wanna do this recipe in the slow cooker tomorrow... . any ideas how? time frames ect?

courtney2004, Aug 5, 12:49pm
Hi no ideas just monitor it if possible I have not done pumpkin in it crockpot but I wonder how long prehaps google friend will help with that and use that as a guide.

Oh it is fab soup! ! !