Kumara soup

gresteven, May 26, 3:26am
I know this is vague but a few years back the food channel (9) had quick recipes from local people between programmes. There was a delicious soup with kumara and I think, Brocoli and a third veggie. (Maybe leeks? ). I printed out the recipe but have lost it. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

cookessentials, May 26, 3:31am
Roasted Kumara & Leek Soup

1. 5 kg or 5 medium sized kumara (purple)
2 large leeks
1 tbsp butter
1 L vegetable stock
1/8 tsp nutmeg
3 cups water

Peel, chop and roast kumara at 180 degrees for 1 hour.
Whilst kumara is roasting, finely slice leek and add to large soup pot with butter.
Cook leek very gently (sweat) on lowest heat for 20 mins stirring occasionally. . Leek should brown a little and caramelise. Remove from heat until kumara is roasted.
Blend roasted kumara and vegetable stock until smooth then add to cooked leek in soup pot.
Add water and nutmeg and mix well.
Cook covered on low heat for 30 mins.
Serve in large bowls with a splash of cream swirled through, enjoy with fresh toasted bread.

gresteven, May 26, 3:38am
Sounds yum thanks. Would you put brocoli in it. Sitting with 2 brocoli now.

gr8stuf4me, May 26, 6:24am
I have one that is broccoli kumara and spinach that was seen on the food channel, happy to post if you think it may be the one. It was one that a fellow viewer had sent in.

lynja, Jun 11, 12:18am
Kumera and parsnip soup is deliciious. 1large parsnip, 1 large kumera, 1 large potatoe. 1 med onion, 2 cloves garlic.
chop and saute onion in 2oz butter for 10min or so. add 1TSP curry powder, saute couple of minutes. add 1ltre of chicken stock. simmer 30 min. puree. DELICIOUS.
must admit sometimes to not bothering with sauteing the onion and just put all in a pot. but prob best done this way. enjoy

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