Have a craving for kumara and bacon soup...

meg1971, May 1, 8:20pm
But i 'm one of those people who need a recipe. I've got kumara and bacon hocks. Anyone got a good slow cooker recipe? Thanks heaps! !

cookessentials, May 2, 7:10am
I always cook my ham hock overnight in the crockpot. Next morning, the meat should just fall off the bones. Remove it and slice the meat-get rid of all the skin and lumpy fatty bits. You could then add stock, diced onion and plenty of chopped kumar to this and when cooked, mouli it to make a thick creamy style or add pearl barley or similar for a more clear style soup.

meg1971, May 3, 10:52pm
Cheers! I ended up just putting the bacon bones in the pot with chopped up kumara and a bit of chicken stock and precooked onion and garlic. Put it on high until it was cooked, then fished out the bacon bones and mashed the kumara. Thought it was a bit thick so added a small tin of coconut cream. Yummy! ! Hubby liked his a bit less chowder like so he diluted it with more ordinary cream...

cookessentials, Sep 4, 10:53pm
sounds delicious meg.

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