Roast pumpkin/kumara soup, help please

charlieb2, Aug 2, 12:35am
I'm making this up as I go, lol. Was going to make the yummy peanut pumpkin and kumara, til mr told me he doesnt like it!

So, I want a really nice 'recipe' or some ideas please.

I'm just roasting the kumara and pumpkin.Have the chicken carcass simmering at the moment for stock...

Any ideas on putting it all together would be great, thanks.

charlieb2, Aug 2, 12:52am
LOL.. dont know why I didnt think to use the search function before I posted this thread.. must have brain fade.

Got a couple of ideas, but if anyone wants to add hints or whatever, feel free... probably wont put it all together till tomorrow

fisher, Aug 2, 1:01am
Hiyas Charlieb...put some bay leaves , a sliced onion and a few peppercorns in with the carcass...then strain for use... just add small amounts to the mash till you get it right ready for blitzing.. some nutmeg and some pre pried bacon bits...If you like you can add a "little' curry... sometimes a scraping of ginger can be nice...If you want to make it Thai-ISH , add a wee bit of chilli and use chicken stock and coconut milk and parsley instead....

charlieb2, Aug 2, 1:08am
Hey fisherman!!! How ya doing?

Thanks for those tips.

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