Best Coffee machine?

nuria, Jun 6, 12:37am
I'm looking at buying a Coffee Machine for use at home - just wondering if anyone can recommend a particular brand / model. (Local Wild Bean is good but it's time to make coffee at home! )

lilyfield, Jun 6, 1:13am Page=13&Letter=P#

have fun

karenz, Jun 6, 5:32am
Personally, apart from spending a lot of money on a commercial style machine, I don't think you can beat a plunger, then you can spend the difference on really good coffee. I find all of those drip or filter style machines make horrible coffee that tastes slightly burnt.

lorraine058, Jun 6, 6:16am
We have had a Sunbeam EM5600 Coffeemaker for about 2 1/2months and find it really good

bex32, Jun 6, 6:16am
i havea breville professional series one and find it great.

rrrg, Jun 6, 8:11am
I have a breville prof too and its good - its a bit fussy about what coffee you put through it though

bex32, Jun 6, 9:41am
Yep but once you work out the best one, you can get great coffees from it. I find the caffe laffare one is really good.
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cgvl, Jun 6, 9:46am
I have a Breville one too.
Have found that some coffee's work better than others but after a lot of thought a new coffee we bought recently can not be damped down like the one we normally use, so I gather some coffee's require loose packing rather than firm.
As for the burnt coffee taste its more likely that the milk has been over heated and therefore burnt.

cookessentials, Jul 13, 6:50am
It depends on how much you enjoy your coffee and your budget. We used to have a Sunbeam a few years back and it was a complete waste of money. Until we decided what we wanted and could afford what we wanted, we used the Italian Bialetti stove top espresso - they have been around for some 70 years and make a great coffee. We have a Jura Impressa Z5 which is Swiss and it has an internal grinder and is fantastic, but pricey. So do a bit of research. You can go to places that specialise in coffee machines where you can see ( and sometimes try) different machines before you purchase.

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