Coffee Cake

glenys21, Jul 21, 2:21am
Looking for more a cake than a sponge. Any nice recipes out there? Many thanks:)

glenys21, Jul 21, 2:57am
Thank you so much 245sam for the recipe and the site to look up!! "Perfect Cake" going to be made this avro:)

lindylambchops1, Jul 21, 5:20am
Oh I lurrrve Coffee Cake!

cookessentials, Jul 22, 4:08am
From our Cakes thread.

Melt N Mix Coffee Cake 125g butter,chopped;130g brown sugar;75g caster sugar;125ml milk;2 tsp instant coffee;2 eggs;225g s.r flour. Grease a 14x21cm loaf pan,cover base with baking paper. Combine butter,sugar,milk & coffee in med saucepan,stir over low heat,without boiling,until butter is melted. Stand 10 mins.Stir in eggs & flour.Pour into pan. Bake in mod oven about 40 mins.Turn onto rack to cool.Top cold cake with coffee glac'e icing and walnuts if desired.