Best ever pate recipes

kalevala, Mar 7, 12:27am
Rosa's divine pate recipe: 375g boneless chicken breast, skinned, 1 tin (156g) z/d feline, 225g lean minced venison, 2 eggs, beaten. Place in food processor or blender and process until fairly smooth. Add a little water if necessary. Serve with fresh cat mint salad and stand back as it's devoured. Chicken feathers optional.

pixiegirl, Mar 7, 12:45am
Excellent recipe - will save for my next BBQ-Yum can taste it now purrrrr.

kalevala, Mar 7, 12:52am
Rosa just confessed that the secret ingredient is the z/d feline - to speed up barbecue prep you could just tip it out from the tin - it stays in a nice clean moulded shape. Dry bread slices are a favourite too. And crispy sprats.

kirinesha, Mar 7, 12:52am
I make a fine mince with 10 x frozen mice (no need to defrost), a splash of cod liver oil, cat milk and 100gms of crumbed cat biscats. I top with a jelly made from beef stock and gelatine. Serve on crunchy biscuits made with - again, crumbed cat biscats mixed with grated cheese and cooked until they form flattened discs. These go crunchy again when cold.

Store in airtight container.

Suitable for cats of all ages and sizes although those with diabetes should consult their vets first.

pixiegirl, Mar 7, 12:56am
kiri I think I will need a rum with that.

kirinesha, Mar 7, 12:58am
At least 2 Pixiegirl. And a stack of plastic bags in case you need something to throw up in.

kirinesha, Mar 7, 1:00am
Oh - and make sure you use the Hills RD Biscats (the diet ones). We can't promote anything unhealthy!

pixiegirl, Mar 7, 1:09am
naturally... ... ... . "licki-
ng paws as we speak"

subo, Mar 7, 1:12am
Would this be ok for my dog? She is a bit of a pussy.

kalevala, Mar 7, 1:22am
Is her name Sofia?

kalevala, Oct 7, 4:56pm
And the pate thread has crossed over ... . Rosa is spitting mad, she wanted to be "Chef-Rosa"

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