Raw Fish Recipe?

qtwend, Jan 31, 7:06pm
Could someone give me a recipe for raw fish? One with the coconut cream. Also the best type of fish to use in it. Many Thanks Smithy.

motorbo, Jan 31, 9:56pm
Hi there

I usually use terakhi or gurnard, chop up into cubes pop in bowl with lemon juice, this is to ‘cook’ it, once the fish turns white its ready, depending on the acidity of the lemons it can take a couple of hours to overnight, drain off almost all the lemon juice, I like to leave about a tablespoon in. add coconut cream, I like trident brand, do not buy pams its awful.

Add chopped spring onions or red onion, red pepper, cucumber and tomatoes and flat leaf parsley - chill and

afer_daily, Jan 31, 9:59pm
first find your nearest islander / true while your at work just grab the next polinesian that passes by / you might also make a new friend .

pericles, Jan 31, 10:01pm
as above but, I use tuna

davidt4, Jan 31, 10:08pm
As in # 2 but I like trevally, tuna and salmon.

maryteatowel1, Jan 31, 10:09pm
...any firm fish is great!!!

josep, Jan 31, 10:26pm
Fresh snapper or kahawai cubed. I prefer using cream rather than coconut milk to preserve the taste of the fish. Add chopped spring onions and tomato, salt and pepper and leave to marinate in the fridge for a few hours. Serve with sliced lemon on the side. I like coconut cream but find it abit overpowering and like to keep the dish simple. Originally our elders ate raw fish in salted water with onions,tomatos and cucumbers. What you add is your preference.

beaker59, Jan 31, 11:51pm
All above are great but #2 is closest to what I do. Trevelly snapper Kahawai would be most common I use but most fish work very well only fish I have had a problem with is Gurnard which the one time I used it found it a bit chewy (Gurnard is my favourite fried fillet though).

Over the years I have reduced the marinating time until now I tend to soak in lemon juice for only an hour or less.

Mine usually is diced fish lemon juice with diced tomato white onion with chopped corriander a bit of salt and some chilli sometimes.

beaker59, Jan 31, 11:54pm
Meant to add I do this with Raw Mussels sometimes too though that is an aquired taste and not for everyone.

This is my favourite way to eat fresh trout if they are nice and fat (mind you if they are not fat they get released anyway)

delate, Mar 14, 3:57pm
Samoa CC is the best to use.
Wipe tops of tins,put in the freezer for a good hr or so and shake prior to using.
Marinate in lemon juice but don't over marinate because you loose the 'raw' from the fish.
Red onion, spring onion and capsicum - Chopped chives sets this off.Don't overboard on adding the color, we find tomatoes taint it; you are making raw fish after all, not vegies and raw fish.
Black pepper sets this off.Goodluck!