Fish - if I batter it and fry it, can I freeze it

arcane1315, Jul 6, 9:06pm
I have been given a HUGE slab of broadbill..... not sure if it has been frozen or not, so to play it safe, I was wondering if I can batter it and fry it now, and then freeze it to pull out when needed?was thinking I could then pull it out of the freezer as needed and bake it in the oven - or would it go soggy?Thanks

margyr, Jul 6, 9:24pm
should be ok, you buy battered fish in the frozen dept of the supermarket.

datoofairy, Jul 6, 9:30pm
You can refreeze fish, as long as it has been handled properly while thawed (kept in fridge and not handled or exposed to bacteria etc).

buzzy110, Jul 7, 3:48am
It would be rather poor form for the donors to freeze a piece of fish then give it away defrosted, when they could have kept it frozen, especially if it is big. Why not ring them and check.

I'm not sure about your plan to batter, cook, freeze and then bake in the oven. However, commercially you can buy already battered fish fillets from the freezer so it may be viable. Just be careful not to over cook it in the first instance.

kojac1, Jul 7, 11:27am
I have been freezing battered blue cod for years, the result is excellant, my husband and I cannot tell the difference between the frozen and the fresh,

beaker59, Jul 7, 1:39pm
Have it smoked, or do it yourself if you can mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You can then cut into portions and freeze, if you are anywhere near the north shore I can do it for you for a share :)

beaker59, Jul 7, 1:44pm
People give the strangest things away sometimes, I can think of a hundred reasons why someone would thaw fish to give away. Personally I wouldn't look a gift broadie in the mouth. Tell you what if she allows me to smoke it for her for a tiny share then you bring the low carb crackers and we can have a bit of a taste, Uli can bring the sharp goats cheese.

arcane1315, Jul 7, 9:22pm
beaker - would love to get some smoked.Might be a bit of a trip for you though, I am living on Rarotonga.... but that might just appeal too

beaker59, Jul 8, 3:17am
So you would have the local recipe for raw fish which as I recall is pretty good and Broadbill would be good for that. Yeah haven't been up there for a few years but maybe next year this pacific cruising season is a bit to far gone to get my boat ready for. Swap it around for other island produce isn't that how the economy works up there :)

buzzy110, Jul 8, 6:13am
Blow. I'd love to come and share your tiny portion of broadie. Maybe we should fly off to Rarotonga!!! Now about the crackers....

beaker59, Jul 8, 9:25am
Oh how I'd love to go troppo I love Raro a beer at trader jacks and a snorkel on the reef past Muri beach would suit me down to the ground but I fly south tomorrow to Christchurch then on to Hamner springs for a wedding celebration which is nice and warm in a different way. Bet there's no smoked broadie maybe some salmon or Thar jerky.