Best frozen French Fries (chips) - commercial

kclu, Mar 6, 2:49am
Want to keep some in freezer for rushed occasions.

dollmakernz, Mar 6, 2:51am
The McCains Beer Batter range are really nice. And they are oven bake.

bin-boy-lin, Mar 6, 4:03am
The best and the most expensive are Birdseye Golden Crunch, regardless wedges, crinkles or straight.

crails, Mar 6, 8:17am
Beer Batter Fries by McCain are always in our freezer. Tried the Watties Tempura Fries won't waste my money again

gaspodetwd, Mar 6, 6:39pm
Oooh I am interested in this - all the ones I try taste of antispetic. YUK! Mind you some of the ones named above I think taste of disinfectant... :-(

dorothy_vdh, Mar 6, 7:11pm
I always have weight watchers oven fries. Somehow they taste less oily

toadfish, Mar 6, 7:23pm
I use Foodtown own brand "select" for my emergency Fries... they have a healthy option, usually the healthy options are twice the price. . but no so for select.

susan21, Mar 6, 9:02pm
Agree with bin-boy-lin. Birdseye Golden Crunch chips! ! !

beaker59, Mar 6, 11:22pm
Buy best quality roasting potatoes wash and cut into wedges rub with oil and fan bake for 35min at 190degree's turn at half time. 1000 times better than bought ones, take about the same time and heaps cheaper why would you buy those rubbish chemically treated pieces of cardboard? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Even plain old supermarket 10Kg bag potatoes would be 900 times better.

tracyj, Mar 6, 11:29pm
Birdseye here too! Don't but Watties ones. I got them once cause they were cheap but they were awful.

lindylambchops1, Mar 6, 11:31pm
I am with Beaker59 on this one!

beaker59, Mar 7, 1:51am
Yes lindy and for extra flavour throw in whole garlic cloves and fresh herbs like rosemary bay leaves etc serve with things like sourcream(or my fav greek yogurt) chopped chives or a salsa of tomatos onion and basil. 1/4 the price of frozen cardboard and soooooooo much nicer and healthier.

happygabi, Mar 7, 1:58am
haha cheaper? i dunno its 16$ for a 10 bag of spuds down here, ouch.

still i love the makikihi fries the best

beaker59, Mar 7, 2:06am
Frozen ones must be cheap then Happy one because even to be the same they would have to be $1. 60 a 1 Kg bag. At 16$ a bag I am guessing down there they would be very very good quality as they often are in Oamaru like Jersey benne or similar if you can find a frozen chip to compare I would be very very surprised.

happygabi, Oct 8, 2:10am
nope they are awful down here, the new spuds are always great but the old ones are always awful but 16$ a bag is crappola. yeah maybe slightly dearer for frozen at 1. 99 a kg but that does us 2 meals and a kg of mashed up spuds would only do 1, still would love to get some decent spuds to bake and roast.