A Q about French toast ..

hott-mama, Nov 10, 6:19am
in your experience, do you think French toast works better with chunkier slices of bread (toast bread size or even chunks of French bread) or standard size?

I want to make some this weekend, and I want to get it right ..

thanks in advance ..

sandra25, Nov 10, 6:26am
I personally like it made from fruit bread, toast sliced.

cookessentials, Nov 10, 7:47am
I like the thicker bread

lenart, Nov 10, 8:04pm
Thicker slices works better for me. Fruit and spicy breads are great for French toasts.

purplegoanna, Nov 10, 8:07pm
i find french toast threads so interesting...theres the 'sweet french toast' and the 'savoury french toast' lol...ive neva had sweet FT we were always brought up with savoury FT with bacon, fried tomatos etc....i find it so wierd people have sweet FT with syrups and stuff....

cookessentials, Nov 10, 8:20pm
The savoury we called "Egg Bread" which Mum did when we had a cooked Sunday breakfast. Beaten egg and milk with s&p, bread dipped in and soaked a little,then into the hot pan, usually with left over bacon fat, corn fritters, bacon,tomatoes and sausages and eggs. Set us up for the day and then we would have a light "tea" usually something liked boiled eggs with bread and butter soldiers and pikelets for afters. The most decadent way of doing French toast ( sweet version) is using brioche which is a day old ( it holds together better)

purplegoanna, Nov 10, 8:33pm
oooh breakfast of champions your mum rocked! thats just how i like them.... whats her address? will she do me some if i nip round?

cookessentials, Nov 10, 8:36pm
Yes, probably LOL. Her corn fritters are legendary. A few weekends ago, I did her fried bread" which is basically,sliced bread,crusts removed and cut into either fingers or triangles and fried in the bacon fat left over from cooking the bacon! I had forgotten how tasty it was! light and crispy with that lovely bacon taste. Not something I would have regularly though I must say.

kiwifidget, Nov 10, 9:18pm
it annoys me when you have french toast in a restaurant and its 80% bread, a slice of bacon, and a mushy banana thrown on top.

hott-mama, Nov 11, 5:05am
thanks for all your comments ..

yes I think thicker slices of bread would work better ..

yum, cookessentials .. sounds like your mum did an awesome Sunday breakfast ..

winnie231, Nov 11, 6:49am
Just be careful of you go with thick slices to make sure you don't cook it too hot/fast or you end up with soggy bread & raw egg mix in the middle. Miss 13 was unimpressed with her Drexels (Chch American style breakfast diner) French Toast for this reason.

sharronk1, Nov 11, 6:54am
best french toast is cooked in a good quality bacon fat with toast sized bread and *real real* maple syrup mmmmmmmm

kiwifidget, Jul 29, 7:01pm
yes, maple syrup, made from real maples!