Decorating a space cake with fondant icing

pashton1, Jan 17, 2:24am
how do I colour it!! Thanks!

margyr, Jan 17, 2:32am
use paste or powdered colours, and then knead and knead.

pashton1, Jan 17, 4:51am
thanks.. can you get them from food town?

kylie027, Jan 17, 5:30am
No, you can get gel colours from or any cake decorating supply store...or spotlight sell pre-coloured fondant

cookiebarrel, Jan 17, 8:47am
I sometimes mix the liquid food colourings you can get at the supermarkets with icing sugar to make a stiff paste and then add it to the fondant icing.Handy if you don't do a lot of decorating or don't have the time to get colouring sent to you or don't have a shop close that sells cake decorating products.You do have to be a little careful in this humid weather as it can make it a bit sticky, but if you have made a stiff paste to begin with it should be okay.The specialist powder and paste colourings are of course the best way to go, but like I said if you are only doing the one cake...sometimes you have to think of costs to give your kids their special birthday cake or whatever!Good luck with your project.

pashton1, Jan 17, 9:17pm

dollmakernz, Feb 10, 8:56am
Gels are the best to use for fondant but stay away from the powders if you are after strong colours as they make the fondant really dry and crumbly.