Fondant icing?

kazarama, Jun 17, 7:51am
Hi, I was wanting to make a canon SLR camera cake. And hear Fondant icing is the best to use. I've never even heard of it. But understand there is a lot of different types of Fondant Icing. So I was wondering which Fondant Icing is best? I want a balanced tasting cake. I DONT WANT IT OVERLY SUGARY xD

lisa7, Jun 17, 7:55am
You can purchase Pettinice white icing from Countdown in the baking aisle, just make sure it's not the almond one.

kazarama, Jun 17, 8:01am
okay thanks and I can dye it?

lisa7, Aug 14, 5:54pm
Yes I use food colouring gels, I get them off here.