Fondant icing bakels vs satin ice and gel vs powde

charmed14, Jan 27, 12:52am
I normally use bakels and was wondering how much of a difference would using satin ice make, and there is quite a price difference.Also are gel or powder colourings better as I have been using the americolor ones and find that the amount used to get a deep colour causes the fondant to "melt" after a day or so.

korban, Jan 27, 4:21am
I really like the satin ice range. I find it much easier to work with.Spotlight sell it in 1 kg buckets, you cn also buy it in different colours too.

kiwibubbles, Jan 27, 4:41am
Ive used both bakels, Regals and Satin Ice and out of all of them I much much prefer Satin Ice - its lovely to work with and much more pliable. I can roll it out thinner without worrying about it ripping, than i could with bakels or Regals. If you use a lot of fondant, could you consider buying 5kg or 10kg buckets! I find with fondant, if i store it in a plastic container, it causes the fondant to sweat and therefore "melt". It really needs to be stored in a cardboard box, or in a cupboard not covered in plastic at all.Maybe that was the issue, rather than using a lot of colour! Cos I've coloured fondant with a lot of gel and haven't had an issue with it "melting".

korban, Jan 27, 7:10am
I keep my satin ice in a plastic bag in the satin ice buckets it comes it, never had it melt.

kiwibubbles, Jan 27, 7:12am
oops sorry - i meant once it was on a cake - i mean if i cover the cake with satin ice and then store the cake in a plastic container

korban, Jan 27, 7:23am
I agree if it is on a cake, a cardboard box is a brilliant storage container.