Fondant Icing Experts.

bridgetmcl, Sep 23, 8:41am
I've asked in Parenting, but here goes here too:
.I've made this recipe a couple of times
ng.html Last night's batched looked ok and was easy to work with but had a rubbery texture when we ate the icing on the top of the cake. Any ideas on how/why it happened this time! Thanks

olwen, Sep 23, 8:47am
Did you use different marshmallows!I'm not an expert, but do know that marshmallows are largely gelatine, and gelatine can vary a lot

bridgetmcl, Sep 23, 8:54am
Same brand - I don't like them 'raw' - but they usually make nice icing and in milo, coffee etc.

fifie, Sep 23, 10:06am
I'm no expert, after reading the recipe on that link my guess is the texture is different because of the kneading. Have never made it, a brilliant idea sounds like you have to get it to the right stage before its readyto roll, or maybe the contents of the marshmallows have been changed, therefore altering the texture of your icing.

punkinthefirst, Sep 23, 11:46am
It may be that the air temperature affected the gelatine in some way.