Rolling Out Fondant Icing...

ladybug9, Mar 23, 7:53am
Last month i made a birthday cake & iced it with fondant. . i coloured the fondant & then rolled it out on icing sugar but the icing sugar made the colour dull... so i then had to wet my hands & rub them all over it to make it look bright again... is there something else i should be rolling the fondant out in? Also how do you stop if from going dry so quickly ! ! I have another birthday cake coming up soon. . Please Help...

saltness, Mar 23, 8:21am
Spray the surface of the icing, the board and rolling pin with spray on oil (something with little or no taste (not olive oil)). Wipe off excess oil once you have covered your cake, Mar 23, 8:24am
Most cake makers use corn flour. its then dusted off the finished cake. Stop it going dry by making sure the humidity is correct where ever your storing it (you can have the opposite problem where the icing will 'leak' if the humidity is too high)

alebix, Mar 23, 8:48am
On the Nestles hottest bakers master class with the cupcakes. Pauline used cornflour...

margyr, Mar 23, 6:56pm
cornflour and one thing i can think of as to why yours went dry was that the fondant also absorbed some of the icing sugar you were rolling it on.

nzhel, Mar 24, 2:59am
I do a little bit of cake decorating and always use cornflour for rolling out the fondant. I haven't had the problem of it going dry. If I'm keeping some aside to use for modeling I keep that wrapped in plastic wrap.

lizab, Mar 24, 5:31am
I always use cornflour (less sticky feeling than icing sugar) Your fondant must be stored airtight. This can be a reason for it going dry on you perhaps. Maybe you're using too much icing sugar - you just need a tiny little dusting. Hope it's better for you next time :)

malcovy, Mar 24, 8:01am
I too use cornflour as it's not absorbed and every thing is silky smooth.

ladybug9, Dec 4, 10:14pm
Thanks everyone! ! !