Question - Cakes with Fondant icing

emanu1, Aug 20, 11:48pm
I'm making a cake using fondant icing, is it best to put it in the fridge or freezer to set? Will the cake be ok? Its for a big castle cake, I don't want the cake to taste stale by the time we eat it. Should I put the cake in the freezer tonight and let it set overnight. It is for lunchtime tomorrow, so if I get it out in the morning I was hoping the icing would be set and the cake would be defrosted by midday

margyr, Aug 21, 12:17am
fondant icing does not like moisture so would keep in an air tight container or just cover with a cloth.

tortenz, Aug 21, 1:36am
After I cover my fondant cakes, I just leave them uncovered or just in a box in our spare room with the curtains closed. The fondant seals the cake, so no need to worry about it going stale.

Definitely DO NOT put it in the fridge or freezer... you'll get it out and the fondant will have broken down and be sliding off it :)

kimkat1, Feb 12, 4:53pm
Yep as they have said above, it will only sweat in the moisture...