Whats the best Fondant "paste"

offroader1, Nov 1, 2:06am
I'm going to try to make a Topsy turvy aka mad hatter cake. 1st time playing around with Fondant, what would be the best way to hold fondant to cake and the decorative fondant parts on top of fondant?????

hope you understand what I'm trying to say lol

kiwitrish, Nov 1, 2:12am
As a cake decorator Bakels is the only one I use and all other cake decorators I know use it as well.You can get it from Countdown or Wollies or cake decorating suppliers but more expensive there.

kiwitrish, Nov 1, 2:13am
I use sugar syrup to coat my cakes and to glue on decorations.

badams1, Nov 1, 4:15am
trish, re your profile cake,Are the flowers artifical or moulded by hand.and,is it easy to get fondant to ahere via sugar syrup to a butter cake.Or do you bake heavy fruit cakes and cover almond paste then fondant,royal icing. many thanks.

unco12, Nov 1, 5:47am
i use buttercream icing in between the cake and fondant if that's what you mean?

rosathemad, Nov 1, 7:33am
I would always use either buttercream or ganache to match the flavour of the cake under the fondant, for flavour as well as sticking. I would also put it between the layers of cake. Good luck - will you show us a picture when you've finished? :-)

offroader1, Nov 1, 7:44am
Sure will show off my 1st attempt tomorrow, so keep an eye tomorrow night.

I'm very excited to be honest lol

rosathemad, Nov 1, 8:16am
How many tiers are you doing? I'll look out for the pics. Have you got a good set of instructions?

rosathemad, Nov 1, 8:18am
Awesome bow! Looks yummy, too.

rosathemad, Nov 1, 9:51am
Those are gorgeous - I love Pink Cake Box, such fabulous cakes.

Well, it's funny timing, because I am planning to make one this weekend and post instructions on my blog - but I wrote another post on it a couple of years back on an old blog - they're not the best (which is why I want to do it again!) but might help a little. When I was learning there weren't many good instructional sites, though haven't looked for a while - good that you found something on youtube, much easier to see it done than read instructions! The main thing is to give yourself loads of time, though - trying to hurry with fondant never seems to work out well.

My old blog post is here: http://cakesbyrosa.wordpress.com/2008/03/07/how-to-make-a-topsy-turvy-cake/

offroader1, Nov 1, 9:55am
Cool thanks heaps rosa, I'll have a good read tomorrow.

kiwitrish, Nov 1, 8:48pm
Sorry for the late reply.All the flowers on the cake are moulded by hand using flower paste.I use sugar syrup for all type of cakes.Dead easy to make and last for ages in the fridge.Here is the recipe I use.Three parts water to 4 parts sugar.Boil for three minutes.Cool and store in fridge.If you need any help or recipes just ask.

offroader1, Nov 2, 7:09am
Ok that was a nightmare lol. no photos sorry everyone, tell me I need a dark brown and dark blue fondant whats the best way to achieve this????

rosathemad, Nov 2, 7:19am
Do you have gel colour? For brown I would normally recommend getting the chocolate flavoured stuff but I guess it might be a bit late to suggest that? (and not all supermarkets seem to carry it) Deep colours are always hard. :-s

unco12, Jul 9, 4:58pm
you need toget gel colour (not stocked at supermarkets) or for the brown use chocolate fondant as the person posted above.. if you look at the pic i posted ive used chocolate fondant. There are a few traders on tm that sell cake stuff or this site here is very good.. http://www.thecakeshop.co.nz/
and their delivery is very fast.