Almond Icing, Fondant and Gumpaste???

kyliekyliekylie, May 4, 3:07am
Are there any differences? ? ? ? ? ?

Is Fondant different to Almond Icing (taste-wise)? ?

Are Fondant and Gumpaste the same thing?

Can you colour and flavour any of these? ? ?

kiwitrish, May 4, 3:57am
1. Fondant is different to almond past. As the name suggests Almond paste it is made with almonds. Use this to cover the cake and stop leaking of cake into icing and it adds flavour.
2. Fondant and gum paste are not the same. Fondant is for covering the cake and gum paste is for making flowers and decorations to go on the cake.
3. You can colour all of these and they have their own flavouring.

redrose, May 4, 6:57am
I was interested in your answer kiwitrish, can't you use fondant to make sugar flowers.

cookiebarrel, May 4, 10:03am
Yes you can use fondant for some types of flower making, but to get the finer detail you use the flower paste or gum paste. There are many names for what is sometimes the same thing, different countries refer to them by different names. Can make what is really rather simple just plain complicated! To first question, almond icing is usually only used for fruit cakes, unless you particularly love the flavour and is normally put on under the fondant. Fondant icing can be used on it's own to cover any cake, though not recommended for a fruit cake to be kept for a while. Not usual to flavour gumpaste.

sikofstuf, Apr 5, 12:18am
haha, then to confuse things more- there's 'poured fondant' which is like a liquid- then you can buy premade fondant (pettinice) or you can even make it by melting marshmallows and icingsugar and water! Great if you have a child allergic to nuts! (or nut oils)

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