Almond flour vs wheat flour - can I swap?

nunesy, Mar 18, 5:52am
I am googling baking recipes that use coconut sugar. However many of them are made for people with gluten intolerance as well, and use alternative flours. I just want to use normal white flour as I can't eat nut products and am not gf. Is almond flour interchangeable with wheat flour? Thank you, having trouble finding ANY recipe for a cookie that is suitable. (has to use coconut sugar; can't have fruit, cocoa, honey/agave/syrup and must be low dairy too).

uli, Mar 18, 6:12am
No - you need a special recipe for nut flours.

nauru, Mar 18, 7:39am
Just use coconut sugar instead of white or other sugars in any of your recipes, it works fine. That's the only sugar that I use these days, your end product will be darker but still good. You may find some suitable dairy free cookie recipes on vegan websites, there are lots of good recipes to find. You could use any peanut butter cookie recipe and sub sunflower butter for peanut butter, it's easy to make and tastes good.

nunesy, Mar 23, 4:12am
Thank you - might make a choc chip cookie recipe without the choc chips (because of the cocoa). Even a plain cookie would be a nice treat as I am craving sugar/something sweet but can't find good ways to use the coconut sugar!

nauru, Oct 12, 9:02am
You could use carob chips as an alternative to chocolate. Apricot and almonds are nice in a choc chip type recipe too.