Wheat Free Flour Recommendation for Biscuits

carter441, Jan 28, 2:46am
I am seeking a ready made Wheat Free Flour for baking biscuits.

I have tried two recipes using Bakels Gluten Free Health Flour (instead of Wheat Flour or All Purpose Flour) and both have failed!

Is there a better substitute on the market? Help please!

Note: It needs to be Wheat Free as opposed to Gluten Free.

carter441, Jan 28, 2:49am
Perhaps there is a Wheat Free Substitute for Wheat Flour AND a Wheat Free Substitute for All Purpose Flour?

Preferably ready mixed! Help please!

245sam, Jan 28, 2:51am
carter441, have you checked out Bin Inn?


carter441, Jan 28, 2:58am
Great idea than you but their products don't state what are in them, so I can't confirm whether they are supplying exactly what I am already using!

245sam, Jan 28, 3:10am
True the on-line info' Bin Inn's website is not as detailed as you obviously need but have you actually checked in store? Alternatively have you tried your nearest Health Food store?
We have GF friends and one of them is a very keen baker who does a lot of baking. She told me that she buys her flour (I think in bulk) from Oamaru. I'm not sure of the name of the source of her flour but I believe it is probably:

http://www.crombie-price.co.nz/Foods/index.html Hope that helps. :-)) Edited to add the following link to an All Purpose Plain Flour and its Nutritional Information:-

mica3, Jan 28, 3:30am
I use Bakels baking mix. Biscuits and cake turn out great. The plain flour however a disaster!

carter441, Jan 28, 4:56am
Are you referring to the Bakels Gluten Free Health Flour?

mica3, Jan 28, 5:09am
Bakels GLuten free health baking mix

fluffy_dice, Jan 28, 5:15am
I know you are after ready mixed wheat-free flour, but I find a rice and corn flour half and half mix to work perfectly. I like to go for brown rice flour as it has more nutrition than white. Also, cornstarch is a more refined form of corn flour with less of the nutrients. Sometimes I put LSA or LSC in just to add nutrition again. Hope you find what you are after :)

winnie231, Jan 28, 7:38am
I find Countdown's gf flour good to use & a good price too.

roshu, Jan 28, 7:47am
There is a wealth of knowledge from gluten-free bakers and cooks within the membership of your local Coeliac Society. If you look up your local and get a phone number, someone will network to give you good advice. You don't have to be a member.

k_ross, Jan 28, 8:09am
I have used Edmonds Gluten Free flour with success. Also if you can find them, the Gluten Free Goodies Company does some flour mixes - I have used the lite biscuit and cake mix with success.

carter441, Jan 28, 5:24pm
Thank you for your thoughts people.

cgvl, Jan 28, 7:57pm
I've used almond meal/flour in biscuits with success although I usually mix it with another gf flour. I read that it needs to be wheat free, can you use a mix of cornflour (not wheaten cornflour) almond and another. I have friends that are gf/wheat free and they have told me that baking often needs an extra egg or liquid as the gf flours tend to soak up liquid and make baking drier.

carter441, Jan 28, 8:24pm
When I use the gluten free flour, even seems perfect except for the fact the dough is SUPER STICKY! There is no way I could roll it out and use cookie cutters. If I add more flour, it doesn't seem to change! *despair*

sarahb5, Mar 22, 1:01am
Try a mix of gluten free flour and gluten free cornflour - I use half and half Healtheries gluten free flour (tried rice flour but too gritty and a very "hard" flavour) and wheat/gluten free cornflour - makes a smooth, soft texture. I use this blend for cup cakes and no-one even knows they're gluten free

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