Wheat and dairy free

shazzie10, Apr 10, 2:50am
I have a 98% allergy to wheat (not gluten) and beef/anything dairy. Anyone in a similar situation and how does it impact day to day life? I had KFC a few nights ago and got the good old scratches the next day (think from the coating on the chicken). I am on allergy medication but prefer to minimise this by watching what I eat.

frances1266, Apr 10, 3:00am
I know a celiac/vegan who manages fine. Heaps of sites on the net with recipes appropriate for your allergies i.e. gluten free vegan recipes etc. Well worth checking out.

geldof, Apr 10, 6:08am
simplify your eating.
Go back to the basics of meat and fresh veges and fruit.

norse_westie, Apr 10, 6:48am
As Geldof says, go back to whole foods. Fish, chicken, pork, eggs, nuts, legumes, veggies and fruits. Healthy, filling and safe.

lilyfield, Apr 10, 7:30am
And never do take aways
Easy to adjust—i had to.

shazzie10, Apr 10, 6:02pm
Thanks everyone. It's the adjusting that's going to take a little while but am looking forward to giving my body a break fighting the allergies.

sunnyflower, Apr 10, 9:56pm
I am allergic to wheat. gluten, yeast, corn, bananas dairy, nightshades,berries, drives me insane if I eat wheat I swell like a balloon and itch as well, if I eat dairy my nasal passages block and I wheeze, god its so unfair :(

lilyfield, Apr 11, 1:22am
There are lots of other pleasures in life besides food. Just count yourself lucky to be able to enjoy other things.

lil_angel_kel, Apr 11, 4:39pm
Gluten free pasta is pretty good! There's also a pulse pasta which we have - 9yr old son has never noticed the difference. So I do a chicken and vege pasta bake quite often. Also vegetaian nachoes - add beans and Veges and spices and guacamole on top - you don't even miss the mince. I also make stuffed kumera with Veges and beans n corn, and can add ham or chicken. There are lots of options, and the way it has changed my life is that I've lost weight, I don't get headaches, I sleep better and get less irritated, I'm not bloated and sore,my periods are heaps better. So many positives to it :) I was a big beef and lamb eater - could eat just a plate of meat for dinner. It's been about 5 or 6 months now and I don't miss it.
The hardest thing I agree is takeaways or eating out. You can do it,It's just harder and more expensive. Burger fuel do gluten free buns. Most pizza places now do gluten free bases. Depending on where you live you could find gluten free fish n chips or Indian takeaways (go coconut based not cream). And my favourite is an iskender or pita pit (salad or gluten free wrap), or subway salad. At first I thought it would be near impossible, but it's a normal way of life now, and you learn along the way. I still have bad days, but as soon as you start to feel yuk again it's a quick reminder to not go back there in a hurry. Good luck! :)

ed65, Apr 12, 1:53am
Hell Pizza would be a good takeaway option for you I think. They're accredited under Coeliac NZ’s 'Dining Out Programme’, and offer two gluten-free base options. They also have dairy-free (vegan) cheese as a topping option. If ordering online, I'd recommend you also add a note to your pizza order letting them know that you're allergic to dairy and gluten.

articferrit, Apr 12, 2:44am
a friend of mine is gluten and dairy free and eats out a lot, it pays to just ask and most places seem to have been pretty accommodating, even the local fish and chip shop.

shazzie10, Apr 18, 9:27pm
Thank you for all the comments. Much appreciated. I agree, I have a lot to be thankful for and I guess one of them is that I am the main cook of the family. Having a fussy food family has helped as I am always working around the "non dairy" by choice person and another who doesn't eat bacon, pork or beef! It makes meal planning interesting!

frances1266, Oct 1, 6:05pm
Thai food is good for people with food allergies and delicious as well.