O/T - Wheat bag

raewyn64, Jun 23, 3:05am
sort of off topic but does include food lol.
I need to make a small wheat bag for my hand that i can clench to help my fingers warm up. I was thinking of using something like a sock for a good shape. Anyway what sort of wheat do I put in it so the microwave can heat it. Do I have to prepare the wheat any way before I use the bag the first time? Not made one before but I don't want to spend over $20 for a shop one which is way too big for what I want it for anyway.
Any tips and suggestions would be welcome.
Thanks in advance

letitia, Jun 23, 3:26am
I use pearl barley in wheat bags. I bought it from Bin Inn (ChCh). Just make sure the wheat (or whatever you use) doesn't have husks in it. When heating the wheat bag in the microwave place a cup of water in with it so it doesn't dry out and scorch or burn.

maxwell.inc, Jun 23, 3:28am
I buy wheat from Farmlands - RD1 or any feed supply store- its sold as chicken wheat (it mostly goes into my parrots feed) I also make wheat sacks for me with the left overs

10kgs chicken wheat only costs me about $13 (no husks)
2kgs small pre packed wheat from Farmlands cost around $5

bruceej, Jun 23, 4:49am
I just went to bin inn and asked for wheat to make a wheat bag and they directed me to poultry wheat $2. 00 per kg. Ive just made 4. I made covers to go over the wheat bag in the design of a pillow case, for ease of cleaning. Heat in microwave with a cup of water.

raewyn64, Jun 23, 5:44am
Thanks very much everyone I will head out shopping tomorrow

malcovy, Aug 31, 8:47am
I bought cheap wheat from Bin Inn and I dried the wheat in a roasting pan in oven at a low heat till its dry. The only reason I did this as the first wheat bag stunk of wet wheat, (smelt of chewed white bread). I have had my wheat bags for years and it has been through 4 kids and still good. I picked up material from Sallies.