Be Honest. Is fondant really yukky??

eandv, Nov 25, 5:56am
I want to try a 3D cake, but i have heard ppl just end up peeling of the icing. What if it had raspberry essence in it?

creeky1, Nov 25, 6:45am
a lot of people don't like the almond icing that goes underneath. Fondant can be a little sweet, maybe that's why some don't like it.

gardie, Nov 25, 6:46am
I don't mind fondant at all but it is sweet.If you serve it fresh it tastes fine on a peice of cake.I think many people remember the olden days when fondant was left to dry and was rock hard and pretty much inedible.Doesn't need essence - I prefer pettinice brand.

kuaka, Nov 25, 8:54am
mmm - I love fondant and almond icing or marzipan which goes underneath it.I get a double helping if we ever get wedding or Christmas cake iced this way, as hubby doesn't like either, so I eat his too - be rude not to.

rosathemad, Nov 25, 9:41am
It is basically just malleable sugar - however, I have had American fondant icing and it is unpleasant, has a plasticy taste, so many American bakers are against it. The NZ brands are all fine as far as I'm concerned, though. :-)

deanocam, Nov 25, 6:18pm
Putting raspberry essence in the fondant will make the icing too sticky and wet to work with, that is why to colour fondant gel icing is used....

lythande1, Nov 25, 6:24pm
Yes, it's disgusting.

margyr, Nov 25, 6:31pm
what does it matter if they peel the icing off??? If that is what you need to make the cake look like what you want it to then use the fondant. For all those that peel it off you will find someone else willing to eat it. Good luck.

levintofu, Nov 25, 9:59pm
i love fondant when its good... when its bad its really bad.... but just peel off and eat the cake :), Nov 25, 10:00pm
Bought fondant from, for example, spotlight - the packaged coloured stuff, is indeed very yukky.But good for doing modelling bits on kids cakes - you shape it, let it try a couple of days to strengthen up and hold shape (e.g. dinosaur spines), and then stick it into the main icing.

Homemade is prob better, and if 'fondant' means the stuff you get on top of almond icing on bought NZ made Christmas cakes, then that's an entirely different matter, it's fine imo.I personally like homemade Royal Icing, but am way too lazy to make it.

malcovy, Nov 26, 2:00am
I use Bakels Pettinice and I think they have a much nicer taste than the other major brand in supermarkets (EA) and the fondants are easy to work with.Many people have the fondant rolled quite thickly and that is unpleasant.Royal icing is a piping icing for decorating and that is very easy to make.You can use two layers off white fondant instead of one being almond flavoured.Normally the first layer covers all the imperfections and stops the top layer becoming discoloured from the cake.

P.S. Rosa I love your blog

tortenz, Nov 26, 2:12am
I don't really like fondant... but I don't really like icing either.I'd peel it off, not because it's disgusting... I just find all icing a bit too sweet.But I do use it, because it looks great!

Pettinice is the best in my opinion.The other thing to try is making marshmallow fondant. A lot of people rave about it, and it's easy to make.I haven't made it myself, but there are plenty of recipes on google.

rosathemad, Nov 26, 3:14am
Thanks malcovy!

I generally use Bakels Pettinice too and do prefer it over others I've tried. :-)

lynja, Sep 6, 5:47pm
i really enjoy the almond paste and fondant but on my christmas cake i use the almond paste covered with very strong brandy butter. yum!!