Almond and fondant icing neede please

horizons_, Nov 21, 8:36pm
Asking for my mum. She iced fruit cake with almond icing then with white icing (both Edmonds) using thinned jam to glue layers. The almond icing melted and white icing is very sticky. What causes this and what can she do to stop this from happening. Was rolled out using cornflour and 4 hrs allowed for almond layer to dry out a bit. One lot put in fridge and one lot left out. Your comments appreciated. Thanks

fifie, Nov 21, 9:06pm
Sounds like the temperature was to warm almond icing don't sit it in the sun or put it in the fridge it will sweat, put icing on and leave about 48 hrs in a cool place to dry out. Fondant icing the same, if the humidity is high the icing struggles to dry out and becomes sticky. Try again good luck.....

horizons_, Aug 26, 7:56pm
Awesome, thanks for that fife.