Fondant icing question :)

reggie14, Oct 21, 4:36am
Hi all i havent been on the messages boards in a long time but i need your help im attempting to make for the first time a fondant cake. my question is can you use normal food coloring to color it? and if not where can i get the fondant paste at a reasonable price?? went to one cake shop and they were selling them for $15 each color....... ouch!!

thank you :)

gardie, Oct 21, 7:47am
You can use normal food colouring but you have to be careful not to use too much as it changes the consistency of the fondant.You used to be able to buy powder colouring (not sure if still available) but I tend to use the gel colours these days.Depending on where you shop they are around $7 but last for yonks.The most economical way to colour your fondant I believe.

kiwigoldie, Oct 21, 9:28am
I use the gel colouring to colour the fondant...and i found the cheapest place for the fondant was countdown.

cookessentials, Oct 21, 9:32am
Wilton do a range of colouurings that can be used with fondant. I am pretty sure someone on TM sells them...kiwicakes? I think

tinawal, Jun 17, 9:45pm
I just brought off occasion cakes, $5 per gel and only $3.50 postage so way cheaper than the party shop we have here in Nelson. I was colouring some fondant today for my sons cake and I had to make grey and I used the black gel and it turned it purple so i then tried the cheap black watery colouring and it made it grey!