Fondant icing.

kcak, Mar 19, 12:52am
The pale blue fondant I have just put on a cake, has taken on a green tinge with the colour of the almond icing showing through. Have I made the fondant too thin! Should I put another layer on!

kiwitrish, Mar 19, 1:07am
It sounds as if it is too thin.Yes you can apply another layer.

kcak, Mar 19, 1:15am
One more I need to put anything on the first layer to get the 2nd to stick!

kiwitrish, Mar 19, 1:36am
Yes.Use what you put on the marzipan.I use sugar syrup.

kcak, Mar 19, 1:44am
Yes, that's what I thought I would use. Thanks again.

chicco2, Mar 19, 7:33am
You can also use hands that have been wet with water. Just rub over first layer of icing, and second layer will adhere beautifully.

kcak, Mar 19, 10:44pm
Sounds a whole lot easier! Thanks