OT: How to get baked-on oil off baking trays

teacake, Jan 10, 3:32am
Hi, slightly OT but I thought recipe people would know the answer... how do I get baked-on oil off non-stick baking trays?

I've tried detergent and elbow grease but it's not coming off, and I don't want to use steel wool on the non-stick surface. TIA :-)

noonesgirl, Jan 10, 3:42am
Soapy steel pads is the only thing I could think of. Try Google, you may find the solution. Good luck.

uli, Jan 10, 3:46am
Mine are stainless - I do use jif and a scouring pad.

But non-stick? Maybe throw out and buy new ones every season?

teacake, Jan 10, 3:56am
Thank you, I'll give Jif a go, and I don't think I'll buy non-stick again!

pam.delilah, Jan 10, 3:56am
Try this
Oven cleaner
Mix together one cup each ofwashing soda and baking soda. Sprinkle the bottom of the oven to cover. Spray with water until very damp, and keep moist by spraying every few hours. Let set overnight. In the morning scoop it all up along with the grime, and rinse.
If your oven is in a really bad way and has a lot of baked-on grime and grease, you may need to pour some vinegar over the washing soda. Let it fizz for 10 minutes then scrub with steel wool. Keep applying both the washing soda and the vinegar and scrubbing until all the grime has gone.
You won't get a headache from the fumes, or be polluting your house, but do wear rubber gloves as the washing soda can be quite tough on the hands.

Wendyl Nissen, the greengoddess

uli, Jan 10, 3:58am
I am not sure I would be game to try jif on a non-stick tray myself ...

lilyfield, Jan 10, 3:58am

teacake, Jan 10, 4:01am
Oooh that oven cleaner or its green alternative both look good - thank you again!

lx4000, Jan 10, 5:04am
I like the old ones!

Bake away and wipe down! Seasoned and nothing sticks to it!!

I cried one day when the kid stay decided to be nice and scrub them clean!! Never ever will I forgive him for doing that!

Why buy non stick when you can season good ones?


pogram0, Jan 10, 6:04am
You can buy degreaser from places like Mitre 10 in the barbeque section.It is used to clean barbeques.

greerg, Jan 10, 6:08am
Don't use oven cleaner on non-stick surfaces as it damages them.I'd try soaking them in a reasonably strong solution of dish wash powder dissolved in hot water.

bananna15, Jan 10, 6:24am
i use a baking soda paste and let it sit over night them use a bit of elbow grease and rub off

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