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bigsneak, Jan 3, 10:16am
Fry off onion and bacon with tarragon
Line dish with flakey puff pastry tip fried bacon & onion over
Sprinkle with feta and cherry tomatoes
Beat egg and pour over everything
Cook (I don't put a pastry lid on)

k1w1shena, Jan 4, 2:48pm
Any of the above recipes and methods, plus some chunky chopped avocado, chopped coriander, and a little chopped chilli. If you're really keen, add in some left over chopped roasted potatoes.

kiwibubbles, Jan 5, 9:04pm
exactly what are you after! are you wanting a quiche (which has other stuff added in it) or an authentic bacon and egg pie (which is just bacon and egg)

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