Mutton Flaps ~ What do you do with them??

darlingmole, Jan 29, 1:10am
My husband bought a mutton today and part of the package were 2 "flaps". Trouble is I have no idea what you're supposed to do with them! Could someone please point me in the right direction and any nice recipe would be invaluable to me (we have an absolute "waste not, want not" mentality in this household). Many thanks ...

crails, Jan 29, 1:15am
That's what my Samoan neighbours put in their chop suey apparently it doesn't dry out like using beef schnitzel

pericles, Jan 29, 1:17am
same # 2, or chop them up and make a curry

goldgurl, Jan 29, 1:32am
de-bone them, layer them with stuffing and roll the bugger up - slow cook for a couple of hours Mmmmm.

When we're at the inlaws and they have them, I boil them first, tip out the water (which is mostly FAT) then start again... it's very fatty - hence why they are so tastey lol.

darlingmole, Jan 29, 1:35am
hmmm wicked guys - thanks heaps for the quick responses:-)

theanimal1, Jan 29, 2:10am
irish stew.

lythande1, Jan 29, 2:33am
Feed them to the dog

nellbee, Jan 29, 2:40am
That's what I was thinking too...

valentino, Jan 29, 2:43am
Bought 3 lamb flaps today for $10 times 2.

Have deboned them, rolled and into the freezer ready for a rotisserie in the near future.

Ideal to cook on BBQ rolled with herbs and seasoning.

darlingmole, Jan 29, 2:44am
don't have a dog - just a forever hungry kitten ha!

No I think I'm going to give the chop suey a shot because we all love Island Style Chop Suey but am a bit concerned about all the fat in it ... will try to cut off as much fat as possible first though

lythande1, Jan 29, 8:35am
Nope, too fatty, hardly any meat, too mixed up to be able to cut it down to anything usable. The dog won't mind.

uli, Jan 29, 8:47am
Fatty is not the problem - but the connective tissue is like leather even after hours of boiling. Ok with a lamb - but a mutton flap I feed to the chickens and eat their lovely eggs instead.

winnie231, Jan 30, 2:58am
I've 'braised' mutton flaps in the slow cooker on low quite successfully - not for the 'fat-o-phobics' though!
Having said that -
although I love mutton fat and eat my 'handle-bar' chops with the lovely, thick strip of fat left on; when it came to the flaps - I prefered to cook them (fat & all), let them cool & lift the fat off the 'gravy' before reheating. Just a flavour/texture thing for me ... and my chooks sure love getting the fatty treat! ! !

motorbo, Jan 30, 3:08am
has to admit ive never heard of them, r they cheap to buy? how meaty r they?

dezzie, Jan 30, 4:23am
I've cut them into "spare ribs" and cooked them long and slow on a rack until the fat was mostly gone, then dipped them in BBQ sauce and cooked them a wee bit longer until the sauce was soaked in.

grannypam, Jan 30, 4:28am
I debone them and then stuff and roll up.

Cook in the slow cooker but then I use them cold with salads or for sandwiches.

They used to be dirt cheap. . they aren't any more.

margyr, Jan 30, 4:29am
yep spare ribs, or cut into fairly big peices and boil for an hour or so, put it in the fridge overnight and next day pull to peices and make an irish stew with it.

darlingmole, Jan 30, 9:14am
That sounds good too so thanks for that.

It's funny ~ it's nothing I've ever bought or cooked in my life bought before but because it came with the whole mutton I'm not wanting to waste anything. Can't decide how to cook it but when I do (tomorrow night) I will definately let you all know.

PS: the whole mutton cost $130 ... 2 massive roasts, 2 flaps, neck chops, and a truckload of chops (my husbands favourite! ) I use all the fat when it's cooked and use it with food scraps;put in a cup with a string in the middle then refridgerate, once cold I hang from tree for the birds to eat. (I DID tell you we are a waste not, want not house hold didn't I? ? ? ! )

uli, Jan 30, 9:36am
Lucky birds - why don't you use it for frying?

rainrain1, 5 days, 20 hours
I cut off the meaty bits and either add them with the neck chops to an Irish stew, or feed it to my porky moggy

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