Substituting white sugar with brown in a Xmas cake

sjc72, Dec 12, 9:13pm
Can I do this? I want the cake darker in colour. Would I use the same quantity and just substitute?

miffycat1, Dec 12, 9:41pm
yes it does helpto use brown sugar ,but better still use dark cane sugar.
also a few drops of gravy browning helps, leaves no taste

cookessentials, Dec 12, 10:10pm
A nice dark muscovado will do the trick.

cgvl, Dec 12, 10:11pm
you can and if you want a darker cake I add 100g of dark chocolate to mine. I Use the whittakers Sante Bars approx 2 -3 of them, melt and cool before adding to creamed butter and sugar. I add before I ad the eggs.

popeye333, Oct 21, 10:58pm
Yep I always use brown sugar in mine.

Happy Cooking..