White sugar

thq, Jun 20, 1:50am
I've ran out can i use brown!

pericles, Jun 20, 1:53am
asin raw!

thq, Jun 20, 1:55am
no brown! have about 1/4 cup of white n i need 1 cup

245sam, Jun 20, 2:15am
What are you making thq!

thq, Jun 20, 2:19am
Choc Muffins.that I make at less 1 time a week! found some raw and mixed altogether and in the oven now fingers crossed :)

pericles, Jun 20, 2:30am
raw and white will be fine

thq, Jun 20, 2:48am
ok out of oven and looking good.kids will be home soon to test them! all turned out good in the end.

guest, Apr 2, 10:27am
That's not just the best ansewr. It's the bestest answer!

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