Baking with White Sugar

buckely, Jul 7, 5:17am
Can you supplement this whit brown sugar! I need 2 cups of white but have run out.

geldof, Jul 7, 5:27am
Yes.It will taste slightly different, and if a light cake, it will alter the colour.

indy95, Jul 7, 5:28am
Yes you usually can, buckely. What are you making !

gardie, Jul 7, 6:21am
Yep - used brown sugar in a recipe in place of white the other day.Bikkies were yummy - will probably do this again.Brown sugar is slightly sweeter because it usually packs more into the same measure.Depending on what you are making, you may need to reduce amount slightly.

craig04, Jul 7, 6:23am
I find raw sugar a better substitute for white sugar - the flavour is not as caramelly as it is with brown sugar

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