Brown Sugar instead of white sugar

montyrocks, Mar 22, 6:56am
YIKES! Ran out of white sugar but still have brownies to make! Can it be done with brown sugar instead of white?

harrislucinda, Mar 22, 7:37am

jessie981, Mar 22, 7:38am
Should be ok but think brown would weigh heavier than white?

montyrocks, Mar 22, 7:43am
Thats what i thought... ... . . but to make things trickier, i'm using a GF recipe which uses rice flour.

poppy62, Mar 22, 8:06am
I think the brown sugar will make a chewier texture - should be nice in brownies.

montyrocks, Nov 23, 12:17pm
Well fingers crossed! Its in the oven now so no turning back.
I did have a sneaky taste before it went in and it was just as yummy as normal!
Thanks for the help everyone!

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