Hard Brown Sugar

campmother2002, Apr 29, 1:02am
Can anyone please tell me how to soften Brown Sugar which has gone hard in a Tupperware Container!TIA

lilyfield, Apr 29, 1:36am
tip it out and belt it with a hammer between towels

kinna54, Apr 29, 1:40am
pop it in the microwave on Low for a few seconds.

elliehen, Apr 29, 2:38am

cookessentials, Apr 29, 2:59am
Get yourself a brown sugar chef. made of terracotta, you soak him in water for 15 minutes, pat him dry and burrow him into yoour sugar.keeps it moist and soft for up to three months, then just re-soak him whenn required and follow the process.

campmother2002, May 28, 9:58am
"Cookessentials"Can you tell me where I can buy one of these.Have just been to the Gold Coast and no-one has heard of them.Thanks

elliehen, May 28, 10:13am

elliehen, May 28, 10:15am

Here's an expired listing on Trade Me.If there are none currently listed, you might find one here:


campmother2002, May 29, 12:08am
Many thanks - elliehen - I have just ordered my Brown Sugar Chef from Cookwaresssentials.Great site too.

carolyn20, May 29, 2:17am
Try putting a piece of orange peel in the container.

lawman1, May 29, 8:28am
Or cover sugar in container with a crust of bread.

campmother2002, May 31, 8:45am
Thanks everyone - tried the Crust of Bread overnight and it worked! Amazing - I will use the Brown Sugar Chef when it arrives, will save me changing the Crust - if you know what I mean!

cookessentials, May 31, 9:31pm
A piece of apple also does the trick, the only think with using foods to do the job is that they can go off and taint your sugar.

guest, Jan 11, 10:56am
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