Want successful recipe for Brown Sugar Meringues

daisygirl, Dec 21, 9:24am
please.Made one batch and they went soft and sugar ran out.Have searched Google but want a tried and successful recipe please.

daisygirl, Dec 22, 6:23am

1lady, Dec 23, 4:12am
Some one did this on the 'great British Bake off" the other night and they had the same problem. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood who judge the pies said that you will allway get this problem with brown sugar, something in the sugar.

taratoo, Dec 23, 4:45am
This happens for various reasons;
1) High humidity - Not much to do about it.
2) The meringue is not fully cooked.
3) The whites aren't stabilized which can be fixed by adding cornstarch while beating the sugar into the whites.
4) The sugar wasn't beaten into the whites until completely dissolved. Try blitzing your sugar in the food processor or blender to make more fine, or use caster sugar (NOT powdered sugar)

pickles7, Dec 23, 4:56am
5) you used brown sugar

fifie, Dec 23, 5:08am
Mollases in the brown sugar is the problem.

anne1955, Dec 23, 5:17am
It's not the right thinkness if thats the right word needs to be like castor for a start I'd probably do the rolling pin rather than over blitx it.and fife could be right re mollases in brown though light brown might be okI have to say never tried it.mind you I have a to die for quiche/cheese cake made with a mince base etc yes a starter but filled with cream cheese and mushrooms so rich.And I have a pav recipe that I have never managed to kill even in rented houses ovens.Make it into a Eton mess if if running out etc syrup just and idea.

groomingtools, Dec 23, 5:30am
Ngaires Meringues (Ngaire was my Godmother who I adored and these are lovely)
2 egg whites beaten stiffly
Add 1/2 c brown sugar and 1/2 c white sugar and beat again
Add 1/2 c chopped nuts, 1/2 c coconut, 11/2 c cornflakes.
Cook @375 for 10mins or 325 for 20mins.
I cant remember whether I have experimented with this recipe as it is a while since I have made them

daisygirl, Dec 23, 9:00am
Thanks,Think I might give it a miss.

poppy500, Dec 24, 9:39am
The recipe isin Cuisine, sorry haven't got a copy.

A friend was making hundreds of meringes the other day and made a batch of brown sugar meringuesand said they took ages, didn't taste that nice and went soggy so reverted to Annabel Langbeins which were quicker, easier and tasted better!

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