Induction Cooking- information please

katalin2, Dec 29, 12:29am
We are at the stage of planning our new kitchen as we are building- have been recommended induction hob instead of gas. Anyone have them, what are the costs comparatively, and have heard you need to get special pots as well. Thanks.

cookessentials, Dec 29, 2:53am
when buying any pans, carry a magnet with you. if the magnet clings to the base of your pan, then you may use them on an induction hob.

wron, Dec 29, 4:38am
I heard they're 30% faster than gas!

dbab, Dec 29, 6:47am
Wonderful. Wouldn't be without it now. Have been cooking on these for nearly 13 years. Very fast and the heat is very controllable. The pots are no more expensive than any others.

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katalin2, Dec 29, 12:14pm
thanks everyone- especially dbab as I was hoping to hear from someone who has used it in their kitchen. Found the thread thank you- v informative. dbab, what kind of pots did you buy?

hooksie60, Dec 29, 9:57pm
We also have induction and i swear by it. I don't have to scub the stove top anymore from boiling over pots. I have also found induction is great for making sauces as the heat is so controllable.

dbab, Dec 29, 10:24pm
We were given our pots free 12 years ago, as we bought a whole lot of appliances at once when we did a kitchen upgrade. Farmers has a good range.

katalin2, Dec 29, 11:01pm
thank you- didn't realise they have been around for 12 years! We put a new kitchen into our current house which is 1920's 12 years ago too and everyone recommended gas- I frequently burn things on it even with simmer mat, and have on occasion overflowed jam and ended up clogging the jets and had v expensive repairs, so doing my research on alternatives and induction sounds good.

nala2, Dec 30, 12:48am
We are going to put in a new kitchen so wondered about induction but for how long it has been available there is not a lot of information available, so we bought a portable induction plate as we can use it in our camper when we get our kitchen done and it would allow us to try it in advance. We have only had it for a few days so obviously more to learn. One difference is the low power setting on ours is 80C but inbuilt is something like 40c. I like the speed of it, bringing water to the boil is very quick but I do not like the "pulsing" of the heat (which is how they work), so if I have it on 80c it will drop below that, switch on and go flat out like a boil until it reaches 80c then switch off. Cooking something like poached eggs and having them hold together when it pulseswould be hopeless. I was hoping simmers would be easier to maintain but not with this. Maybe the inbuilt is more refined, but it will still pulse. I would be very interested to hear how you get on with your choice as ours may not be a good example.

nzhel, Dec 30, 5:12am
We also
are about to build and are thinking about an induction top. I was given a portable induction unit at Xmas and have used it several times for poached eggs which we really like. I have been using cold tap water to fill the pan and it boils in about 2 mins or less - very fast. I haven't noticed it 'pulsing' as nala2 has found. The poached eggs turn out very well - just like cooking them normally and I'm looking forward to cooking other things on it to see how quick it is. So far I'm impressed!

nala2, Dec 30, 6:07am
What brand is yours nzhel? maybe ours is faulty. As for the "pulsing", when the shop mentioned that was how they work, I was disappointed but he pointed out that Ceramic tops also pulse but I have never noticed it as obvious in our ceramic top. That was why I made sure to mention that I was giving an opinion on limited experience.

katalin2, Dec 31, 2:07am
Could someone tell me how it goes on light simmering? Can you get it low enough so that it doesn't burn? I understand that it is really good for fast heating. Great information thanks- keep it coming please!

dbab, Dec 31, 2:09am
I have no problem with poached eggs. I cook them on a low setting and can't say I've noticed the "pulsing at low temps. Our cooktop is an Electrolux.

biker_69, Jan 1, 12:39am
They cause cancer.

herself, Jan 1, 12:55am
I am also looking at replacing my hob soon.I have a ceramic top and hate it for the 'pulsing', ie heating to a certain temperature and then turning off until the temp. has dropped and then heating up again. Absolutely useless for stir frying IMO. I have been tempted by the induction hobs (for the ease of cleaning!) but if they do the same pulsing I may be more inclined to 'go for gas'.

dbab, Jan 1, 1:18am
It's really not a problem and has never bothered me. As mentioned, the heat is really controllable. I find an electric wok far better for stir fries. You can't maintain heat with most electric hobs for stir fries.

nzhel, Jan 4, 6:42am
Sorry to be late in repling nala2 - have had a few days away.
Mine is a Sunbeam - don't know how many other portable makes of them there are.
I have usually had ceramic cooktops and have never had trouble with them pulsing either. My hubby is an electrician and he says the so called 'pulsing' - is just the thermostat turning off and on as happens with many other heating applicances like ovens, irons, curling tongs and the like. I would consider an induction cooktop now just for the quickness alone! Otherwise its a ceramic top for me as I like the look of them myself and love the ease of cleaning!

katalin2, Jan 9, 2:43am
Have now been to some kitchen places and saw a couple in action at friends. Couple more questions: do they all have a noisy fan? And which brand is recommended? Have checked on the consumer web site and they have not yet tested induction cookers. Thanks for the info so far.

hooksie60, Nov 30, 7:10am
we have one light simmering is great. excellent for making sauces etc as it doesn't burn best investment we ever made....and we brought ours of trade me

katalin2, Nov 30, 8:35am
Have now moved into our new house 10 daysago. Pleased to report that the induction hob is very successful. We ended up getting an Electrolux as you can use all of the hob so can have more than 4 pots on as the elements criss cross all over. It is incredibly quick- thinking of not having a microwave as don't think we will need it. Asparagus cooked to perfection in less than a minute with 1-2tablespoon of water; chocolate melted on low heat successfully. Using my mum's old cast iron pots plus a highly discounted set of pots from Briscoes as my old pots were not suitable.

dbab, Nov 30, 6:59pm
They are great aren't they.
If we ever move from here, I'm taking mine with me, or making sure i have one in my next house.

glenys21, Dec 1, 2:48am
Have just built a new home and put induction in...and luv it, great cooking and very easy to clean. And in my opinion looks so much better than gas rings. And all that hard cleaning ...?? Definately cant say enough good things about induction!!

blossom115, Sep 21, 1:12pm
I am just getting used to using a pressurecooker and loving quick...does anybody think induction would be quicker? I know a pressurecooker is more clumsier I guess but time wise? anybody?