Filo parcels are they better frozen uncooked

nanasee1, Nov 30, 3:16am
Or cooked then frozen. I am making a bulk lot of bite size samosa for Saturday night & need to get them made early so I can complete the rest of the nibbles.

nanasee1, Nov 30, 5:23am
Ok I have tried google and now I am confused as to which is best. Would love to hear from those who have tried either way.

bigboy01, Nov 30, 5:25am
I buy ready made ones and says cook from frozen. I normally cook them on a low heat to start then pump it up abit... :-)

nanasee1, Nov 30, 5:36am
Thanks bigboy. Are they uncooked when you buy them or already cooked?

fionaschuler, Nov 30, 8:18am
nanasee, i made filo parcels last night for dinner (with curried beef and vege filling) they freeze just fine-just make sure they arent too brown so when you re-heat them they can crisp up again without burning:)

nanasee1, Nov 30, 8:50am
Thanks fiona, so cooked & frozen works. It is a while since I have done so many and my memory was when precooked they dried out on the reheat. This time they will only have about 5 days in the freezer , so maybe not enough time to do that again.

bigboy01, Nov 30, 9:34am
Either way works fine, fresh or frozen.Just watch as they can burn there bums..;=).The ones I buy aren't cooked.

nanasee1, Nov 30, 9:36am
Thanks for that, I will watch the reheat!

elliehen, Sep 18, 3:43pm
I put a loose foil cover over filo when I bake it - usually for the last half of the cooking.