Savoury Scrolls...ok uncooked overnight?

mehrtsmagic, Mar 25, 5:25am
Making these for my workmates - do you think if I make the dough and prepare the roll tonight, it will be alright to cut it up and bake it in the morning?
Will the dough be ok overnight, or will it ruin it?

Thanks in advance... .

glendeb, Mar 25, 8:12am
If they have baking powder in them then the milk will react with the baking powder and thy wont be as nice. You are best to get the dry ingreds ready then add the wet ones in the morning.

duckmoon, Mar 25, 9:28am
I agree.

duckmoon, Dec 4, 9:14am
If you want them free for morning tea, then you could make and cook in the evening, and freeze overnight.