Help! Cooking Salmon!

oli3, Nov 27, 2:13am
How can I cook salmon I am serving for a dinner party tonight?It is for a starter and is served with a gorgeous mango based salsa.We usually fry salmon but would prefer to poach it this time I think.So how do I poach salmon?I have a whole side of salmon, so I am also not sure whether I should cut it into serving sized portions before or after cooking, its for 6 people for a starter.Thank you!

davidt4, Nov 27, 2:24am
Unless you have a fish kettle you will need to poach the salmon in serving pieces or it will be impossible to remove from the poaching liquid.

Make sure you don't overcook it - about three minutes at a low simmer, then rest a couple of minutes before serving, or serve cold.

Rather than poaching, consider baking the salmon.Cover a baking tray with baking paper and place the salmon on that, season andbake 150C for about 8 minutes.

oli3, Nov 27, 2:52am
Thank you, actually baking it does sound good, I don't have baking paper but can I use foil or should I lightly grease the tray and put in straight on?Also, if poaching what liquid should I use?I have heard of people using both milk and water, what do you recommend?

buzzy110, Nov 27, 2:54am
Yep. I'd bake it. I often do my salmon this way. You can go all out and spread it with 'stuff'. Lemon slices or preserved lemon (even better), finely chopped parsley and basil, garlic, butter and even pinenuts.

Get a clean pair of tweezers and remove the fine bones down the middle as well. You find them by gently running your fingertip along the bone line and remove each one that you feel.

245sam, Nov 27, 3:26am
oli3, have a look at:-

We have enjoyed salmon cooked this way but we haven't had the sauce in the recipe because we usually have Prenzel's Citrus Vinaigrette instead.:-))

kulkkulbelle, Nov 27, 3:43am
I have a nice recipe for a fast bake salmon..

A few tbsps of Sweet Chili sauce
A tablespoon of Lime Juice (lemon if you don't have lime- I even use lemon/lime cordial)
A tablespoon of Soy Sauce
Brown Sugar to coat - about 4 tsps per fillet

Make a paste of all except the brown sugar and slather on top of salmon fillets.Put the brown sugar on top of the pasted fish, place on a high oven 220deg for 8-10 minutes and let stand 3 minutes before serving......

(would be best if you had paper or foil to save your dish as all that sugar can catch and burn the pan a bit - but trust me it is better to do fast and furious!)

This would be so yummy with your salsa

oli3, Nov 27, 3:57am
Thanks, I think I will cut it first then bake it, but I don't want to add flavour as we are using a gorgeous salsa with mangos, avacado, coriander, prawns, spring onions and chilli, so will just season and bake on a lightly greased tray.
So 150 for 8 mins or 220 for 8 mins?I guess its not vital to have right temp, so should I compromise?180 for 8 mins?Considering the fillet is cut into serving size portions I'm guessing it will cook quickly.

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