packergirl, Feb 27, 9:37pm
having a bbq tonite I'm going to get some mussels any ideas for sauces

natcat3, Feb 27, 9:49pm
Shuck fresh mussels, drain, then chop up into small pieces, throw intoa bag with fresh crushed garlic and flour shake around and then throw on bbq and serve with sweet chili sauce

Make sure you do it in batches.

fisher, Feb 27, 10:11pm
Cook mussels on bbq grill, turning when needed hinge side down as not to loose the juices. . melt some butter and add very fine chopped garlic and parsley and a good pinch of periperi and white pepper... remove mussels dip in sauce and devour. . (basil is real good as well)

sultana0, Feb 27, 11:10pm
garlic , chilli and lime. Use some of the juices that come out of the mussels and add with melted butter (lots of butter). Once mussels have been cooked, remove and put in a large bowl. Melt butter add garlic, chilli and lime juice heat and pour over the mussels and toss them thru. Cut parsley over the top and serve

sherralynne, Feb 28, 2:35am
Our favourite way of eating mussels is to steam them open, take off the shell that doesn't have the mussel attached. Mix together some sweet chilli sauce and grated cheese. Put a teaspoon full of the sauce and cheese mix on top of each mussel and pop under the grill for a few minutes until the cheese is melted and golden. Very rich but yummy.

fisher, Feb 28, 3:33am
sherralynne... . we do a similar version , open them on the bbq grill heat, halve, spoon on the sauce (as per my recipe above) and then put grated cheese on top to go back on the grill to melt the tasty cheese... Problem is that I don't get a chance as they whip them off "as soon as" and dip them in the sauce and woof them down. . a lot of the times placing in real fresh bread and butter, and folding in half and woofing...
They always make a great entree to the main BBQ meal... .

mber2, Feb 28, 5:18am
save me some mussel please i really love them, & where did you say where u live

sherralynne, Sep 14, 4:56pm
Hi Fisher, your version sounds lovely too. We must try them. I like these mussels as an entree too.

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