How long can you keep fresh mussels before eating?

chynna2, Apr 8, 10:55am
My husband was given a small bag of fresh Coromandel mussels today. The mussels were caught on Tuesday, and have been refrigerated since then. Will they still be OK for eating tomorrow (Friday), or is it too risky?

chynna2, Apr 8, 8:24pm
bumping... ... ... Anyone know?

deus701, Apr 8, 8:50pm
Mussels have a shelf life of 10 days if kept properly.

chynna2, Apr 8, 10:35pm
Oh, thanks deus! I have checked the mussels and most seem to have opened their shells slightly. Is this a bad sign?

stevee6, Apr 8, 10:37pm
Imo if you tap them and they don't shut, then bin them because they're dead. The best way to keep shellfish is in seawater, changed daily., Apr 8, 10:40pm
As above...

If they haven't been kept in cool sea salted non chlorinated water OR Fresh sea water I would bin them.

Next time If you get fresh mussels like that and know you wont be eating them that day or the next (and cant keep them in water) then freeze them and use them another time.

chynna2, Apr 8, 10:45pm
oh, thanks for that advice. I think I will play it safe and not eat them - don't want to ruin my weekend with getting sick from them.

I think the fact that they were kept in a plastic bag from the day my hubby's colleague got them probably spoilt them from being eaten at all!, Apr 8, 10:47pm
yeah bucket or chilibin with water is the best mode of transport. . oh well better luck next time.

chynna2, Jan 12, 4:53pm
Yeah, shame eh maxwell? ! I will stick to buying them at the supermarket in the meantime. And now to think of something else for lunch LOL! ! :-)

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