Solar cooking

gadgetman, Oct 10, 9:10am
Has anyone tried cooking food or baking with solar cookers?
I live in mobile home and do not have space for oven. Solar oven would be nice but need to check the forecast before baking a bread.

sparkyc, Oct 10, 9:18am
Use some tires with glass ontop. Takes 2 x as long to cook than normal ovens

gadgetman, Oct 10, 9:58am
Tires take too much room in my van.
Perhaps I can use the roof of my van. The metal roof gets really hot on sunny day and I would need some frame and double glazed top.

sparkyc, Oct 10, 8:02pm
Yep Ive seen solar cookers made from Pizza boxes lined with aluminium foil. You could just bend some aluminium into a box with a lid and line with polystyrene on outside.

gadgetman, Oct 10, 9:10pm
Hmm, cooking a pizza in a pizza box would be the treat.

uli, Oct 11, 5:41am
Very unreliable cooking gadgetman. Just a bit of wind or the odd cloud and dinner won't be ready - and the bread still doughy inside.

Have you baked in a camp oven on your gas cooker? Much easier and more reliable - albeit a bit more expensive in gas.

traceedwards, Oct 11, 6:01am
Re #1, yes I have / do

Unlike #6, I havent found it unreliable though will concede, I dont cook when cloud is forecast.

juli55, May 23, 2:43am
My Dad made a solar cooker once.Used a shiny dish like a sky dish covered in tin foil and a grill suspended one third from the bottom.Cooked precooked sausages OK.