What do you use your food processor for?

infinityjrc, Oct 10, 5:42am
Hi what things do you use the food processor for?Just wondered if the brand makes a difference in what you would use it for, for instance is there any particular attachments that you would not be without for you machine?

molly37, Oct 10, 5:48am
Only ever use 2 blades, the blade for mixing cakes and mixtures and the grater. Tonight I made a delicous lemon tart. Easy base in the food processor, followed by an even easier (everything in at once)filling. It was Yummm! I need a new one, my last kenwood gourmetcaught fire after 20 years!! Using my mothers old one which I have to hold down the on button wiht a knife!

lythande1, Oct 10, 5:49am
Very fine chopping, the juicer attachment I feed veges through when making soup, to add to the soup - not so much the juice but the puree - to thicken it. And for making pate!!!

cheapmike, Oct 10, 6:04am
Hummus, Hummus Hummus. All sorts of soup, making burgers, salad dressings, dough, smoothies, I have always enjoyed chopping things with the knife but it makes things so much quicker and easier. We got ours with fly buys and it's so good,did I mention hummus?Yum.

katalin2, Oct 10, 6:11am
I use it for everything- all of the above, plus lumpy gravy/sauces etc. I have 3 different size bowls which I dont often use, unless making small amount of pate. The only blades I use are the metal one and the grater and slicer. I have a Magimix- it is powerful enough to make mince out of fresh meat without any trouble, and double batch of Xmas mince which my old Ralta used to struggle with.

greerg, Oct 10, 7:50pm
Pastry, mincing meat, fine chopping vegetables for soup, making breadcrumbs, some cake mixtures - all sorts of things.Watch that you get one that has a very slow slowest speed so you don't mince things to paste on the first burst.I tried mincing meat in a Breville Whizz and Blend and found it difficult to control.I find my Kenwood much better but would love a Magimix.

crystalmoon, Oct 10, 10:58pm
Hey Molly,can you post your recipe for the lemon tart,sounds lovely and easy.Thanks

eljayv, Oct 11, 4:16am
I use mine for making nut butters and the slicing attachment for coleslaw and slice potatoes for scalloped potato dishes, for cake making, mincingmeat for sausages and everything mentioned above.Mine is an older well used Magimix

infinityjrc, Oct 11, 10:28am
Thanks everybody it looks as though the magimix is the darling of the foodprocessers, is there a good source of recipes for anywhere for recipes that use the food processor? I would be keen to also trawl through some recipes for additonal information, also does not seem like you need alot of different attachements for them.
Thanks so much to everyone who has posted.Given me heaps of ideas, love the thought of home made hummus and nut butters but also the versatility for summer salads etc, Much appreciated.

katalin2, Oct 12, 3:29am
You get a recipe book with Magimix when you buy it.Alison Holst has a food processor recipe book which I have had about 30 years and still use for pastry and Xmas mince etc. Have seen various processor books on sale on TM- also in charity shops.

alebix, Oct 12, 5:00am
I use mine often.

I make laundry powder in mine.
I also use it for making coleslaw
mixing cakes

floralsun, Oct 13, 3:44am
Great for pastry, making bulk apple crumble mix to freeze (use frozen straight from the freezer), Christmas mincemeat, etc.

mistrycelebrity, Oct 13, 9:33am
Not sure if a magic bullet counts, but I use it to blitz frozen raspberries then put them in the microwave for a minute and have it as a sauce over yoghurt or icecream.I also blend egg mixtures to make omelets and egg scrambles etc.

nik12, May 27, 6:41pm
I use mine for coleslaw (not that often) and crumbing biscuits for truffles.Bit sad really, love to do more with it.I use my cake mixer more.