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lisa7, Apr 3, 12:17am
Hi everyone, I am wanting to purchase a food processer, mainly so I can do the Magical Orange Cake and Nigella's cupcakes, and the likes. I know nothing about food processors apart from they grate etc. What would you recommend I look for and what blade is the mixing blade? does this blade come standard with all food processors? thanks :o)

cookessentials, Apr 3, 2:24am
Most food processors come with standard attachments depending on the make. KitchenAid come withthree bowls - a 2. 8 lite work bowl, a 2. 4 litre chef's bowl and a 950ml mini bowl which is ideal for small jobs such as making salsa, chopping herbs or onions etc. It comes with a multi purpose blade which is stainless steel for chopping etc a dough blade and an egg whip which is great for whipping and/or mixing batters etc. it comes with a citrus press a two piece food pusher a work bowl cover with wide mouth feed tube and a spatula. You can add as optional accessories if you wish, the ice/parmesan grating disc, the french fry cutting blade, the julienne disc, the shredding disc ( comes in three sizes) and the slicing disc which also comes in three sizes. According to my notes. the 4mm shredding disc and the 2 & 4mm slicing disc come included in the purchase of the food processor.

donnabeth, Apr 3, 3:20am
I bought a Sunbeam with a large bowl and no extra blender attachment. It was the best I could afford at the time. It worked wonderfully well for a year and a week, then suddenly while I was grating it went onto full speed and wouldn't stop. Neither Farmers or Sunbeam would honour the one year guarantee even though it was obviously in good condition. It is still a good one speed machine.

I'm tossing up whether to buy another the same, thinking maybe I was unlucky with mine breaking down. I still use it on full speed and turn it off by loosening the lid. I paid $129 for it on sale.

duckmoon, Apr 3, 3:54am
I purchased a Kenwood Multipro a few weeks ago.
RRP $299, got it from a Briscoes Sale for $199.
Also comes with a blender (which I don't need).

I am very happy with it.

cookessentials, Apr 3, 7:01am
I would not touch Sunbeam anything after way too many faulty products.

lisa7, Apr 3, 7:13am
Thanks for that, I am thinking the Kitchenaid might be out of my budget... I might have a browse around Briscoes as they are forever having sales. Sunbeam is out, thanks for the advice. :o)

bunny51, Apr 3, 8:21am
I have a kenwood processor (A siver one, can't remember themodel name though ) Have had it for a couple of years now at least and it works really well. (Gets lots of use too)

cookessentials, Apr 3, 8:39am
Kenwood or Breville are usually pretty good if Kitchenaid is not in your budget Lisa.

nauru, Apr 3, 8:58am
I have had ther same model machine for over 3 years and it's great , best one I've owned so far, ver satisfied. I think maybe your was a one off.

cookessentials, Apr 3, 7:34pm
I have had a number of Sunbeam items and every single one has caused problems. The last thing I bought was the electronic bench top water filter that pee'd water all over the bench! - it was returned and I have never bought Sunbeam again and wont.

donnabeth, Apr 3, 10:10pm
I guess brands change workshop practice to keep withing their budgets and what was once a reliable brand can suddenly cause problems. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to be outlaying a lot of money on a new appliance. I have lots of Sunbeam products which have been reliable over the years and this food processor has to be the best I've had since my 30 year old kitchen wizz blew up. Even on one speed it's still a fantastic machine which is why I'm still tempted to buy another if it's on special again. Maybe I'll challenge the shop to cover any breakdowns within a certain period. There will be no third chance though, no more Sunbeam anything.

magenta, Apr 4, 2:14am
If you are only going to use your food processor for mixing the odd cake or so I think it would not be value for money to go for an expensive one. When my age old Toshiba gave out I replaced it with a Kenwood which despite feeling a bit flimsy has worked well. This one sits on top of the base so does not take up so much storage space and has an interchangeable blender attachment. For me the space issue was what decided things. It cost $149. 00 on special at Briscoes. I think you have decide how much you will use something before spending a lot of money. In defense of Sunbeam I would have to say my Sunbeam breadmaker has been well used and is still perfoming!

shazza189, Jan 7, 8:41am
Yahoo best appliance I have ever bought is the LC8900 - yes it is top of the range in Sunbeam but when use an appliance everyday I do not mind paying the extra. I had a Sunbeam appliance that faulted after 18 months and I suppose I was lucky that they replaced a toaster as I still had my proof of purchase. I did not expect them to do that so I have found them to be honourable.

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